Parents of a friend: commission
Family history parianware at Brier Hey Pottery
Parianware bottles: James Holt's Indenture as Apprentice Printer
Home from Home Exhibition at Leeds University
Family Remebrance WWI
Slip-cast parianware commemorating WWI
Parianware bottles at MA Visual Arts 2010
MA Visual Arts Show 2010
MA Visual Arts 2010 Bradford
MA Visual Arts 2010

Centre bottle image: James Holt's Indenture as an apprentice to the Leeds Master Printer, Alfred Mann

Family history scrolls, with printed with documents such as the divorce  papers of my great-great-grandparents in 1894 and the emigration of my great-grandfather to the USA in 1907, never to return, leaving my grandfather and his mother and sisters  behind in Mytholmroyd.

Fish Bottle of slip-cast Parianware, with a Chinese ceramic decal applied and re-fired to earthenware.
Bronte-themed images on slip-cast Parian bottles, inspired by the stories of Branwell Bronte and the Titterington family in Luddenden, West Riding of Yorkshire, as told in the book, St. John in the Wilderness by Alan Titterington.

Some of the early slip-cast Parianware displayed in the MA Visual Arts degree show, Bradford School of Art, in 2010.  This set features the WWII photos and memorabilia of Philip Edwin Longbottom, who was a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy

Slip-cast Parianware bottles from the Bradford MA Visual Arts degree show, with a variety of WWI, WWII and other themes such as family Wills and censuses showing family details.

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